The 15 Most Popular Entry Level Remote Jobs In 2022

Or if you prefer a permanent contract and want to look for an employer. Again, you need to be very detail-oriented and be able to type super-fast without any errors. Also, be prepared to stare at Excel sheets or massive databases all day long. If you want to learn more about proofreading, check out this awesome guide by Angie from The Work At Home Wife. If you are super detail-oriented, very meticulous and brilliant with grammar and spelling, this can be the perfect job for you.

companies hiring remote workers entry level

The national average salary for a billing specialist is $44,368 per year, according to Account executives are typically responsible for serving the needs of existing customers and closing deals with new customers, according to The average base pay for this sales position is $87,574 per year plus an additional $94,176 per year in commissions and other pay, according to Glassdoor. If you enjoy helping others, this may be a great entry-level remote job for you. The median pay is $17.75 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One of those well-paying jobs with little to no work experience is Merchandiser.

Entry Level / Data Entry Specialist – Full Time (Remote)

Companies often onboard freelancers and then offer them permanent roles down the road as they become available. Set aside a block of time every day to devote to your job search and focus on just that. Outline what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how you’ll hold yourself accountable.

companies hiring remote workers entry level

For many Americans, working a remote job from the comfort of your cozy home sounds like the ultimate dream. After all, what’s better than waltzing to your home office straight from bed and attending meetings in your PJ bottoms from time to time? A great way to make your mark on a company is as a billing specialist. In this high-demand, entry-level role, you’ll be in charge of sending out invoices and making sure payments are made on time.

Account executive

As they carefully review the text, line by line, their focus extends beyond the obvious grammatical and spelling mistakes. They delve deeper, analyzing the text for inconsistencies in style, tone, and voice, ensuring that the content maintains a coherent and unified message. To create a useful, engaging website, web developers produce code and scripts.

Join today, or take the tour to learn more about all of the benefits of a FlexJobs membership. Selling digital products online is one of the most popular business ideas for digital nomads or people who want to work from home. Since you don’t need any money to get started and have no specific degree or experience, it is also a very popular way to make money… Many tech companies introduced work-from-anywhere models even before the pandemic – but other industries are now adopting flexible policies to attract and retain talent in a tight labor market.

Best REMOTE JOBS Without Degree or Experience in 2023

Being a people-person is key as this role is often the first point of contact for a potential customer. Hiring awesome staff members is a full-time job (likely for several people). And as the recruiting coordinator, you’ll play a key role in supporting those efforts. You’ll meet with managers to determine staffing needs, then do what it takes to fill those empty positions.

All of the positions listed have either been labeled as “entry level” by employers in a job posting or require less than two years of experience. And while the job search market is in a job seeker’s favor, the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll connect with the remote, entry-level job of your dreams. (Also be sure to check out our post on high paying, entry level remote jobs). There are jobs fitting all types of experience at UnitedHealth Group, the parent company to medical insurance providers UnitedHealthcare and Optum. Over 700 remote jobs are currently open in customer service, nursing, business operations, or information technology.

Consider becoming a member of a business networking group specifically focused on a given industry. By attending that group’s events, job seekers can open up to people who share their professional interests and goals. To help your application rank, take the time to customize your resume and cover letter each and every time you apply for a role. Use keywords from the job description in your application to help show that you and the employer speak the same language and demonstrate how you’re a good fit for the company’s culture. Instead of listing off your tasks and duties, explain what you accomplished in the role and how it benefited your employer.

Check out this awesome guide by Radhika & Johnny from Fulltime Nomad. Most of the time you also don’t need a teaching certificate to apply, although it enhances your chances of getting accepted. With the onslaught of the pandemic in 2020, data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 33% of United States companies increased telework for some or all of their employees. Thinking through these questions ahead of time will help you answer confidently when they come up in the interview. Better yet, you’ll be equipped to embed your answers proactively in your resume and cover letter—demonstrating your fitness for the new remote workplace.

Closed captions, transcripts of court proceedings, and more are all created by people in this line of work. Email marketing specialists help businesses close sales by creating appealing email campaigns mostly focused on reaching out to potential clients or retaining existing customers with new services and products. Customer care managers provide high-level help to customers and entry-level customer support representatives.

  • FlexJobs reports that the customer service; accounting and finance; administrative; medical and health fields had the highest number of remote entry-level job openings on their site between January and April.
  • Claims adjusters work for insurance companies remotely analyzing insurance claims in their area.
  • This supportive, entry-level position is typically in charge of answering phones and distributing information to employees.
  • Check out companies like The Chat Shop, Apptical, Convergys, LiveOps, Televated, or Sedgwick to find open remote customer service positions.
  • To help new grads and entry-level job seekers better assess their options, we analyzed the more than 50 career categories in our database.
  • Writers create a wide range of written materials that are distributed to audiences in a variety of ways.

This job is similar to a customer service representative, but your interactions will typically be phone-based rather than via email or chat. In a remote world, you no longer have to be in a physical call center to do this entry-level job. Telemarketing jobs are perfect for people who are personable, polite, and courteous since they effortlessly connect with customers. They understand the wants and needs of potential customers — and they’re great at explaining how their company can fulfill those needs. Many technological disciplines require programming skills, but careers in software and web development are in particularly high demand. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of web development occupations is expected to increase by as much as 15% between 2016 and 2026, creating 24,400 new jobs.

Data Science Intern

You need to have good hearing and typing skills to be successful in this job. You need to be very detail-oriented and also fast to work through a big pile of content in a given time. A flexible work-from-home job is great for shy folks because you have hardly any direct contact with “real” people.

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