20 Best Movies About Addiction And Recovery

(The first two were in 2001 and 2017.) But the arrival of “The Way Back” has made the subject impossible to avoid. The makers of Home Run want the same thing as those in the secular end of the business — your financial support. My allegiance, however, is to you, not the well-intentioned moviemaker. This might be perhaps because they are based on novels that were written by people who have suffered from the problems first hand and they are true to life. The story has a twist when her husband cannot deal with Alice’s newfound freedom. Then they realize that he was codependent and he has failed to listen to what was really going on.

  • Lace Strate, a professor of communications and media studies at Fordham University, attributes this trend to strategic product placement by brands.
  • Barfly is a semi-autobiography about poet and author Charles Bukowski.
  • A struggling screenwriter inadvertently becomes entangled in the Los Angeles criminal underworld after his oddball friends kidnap a gangster’s beloved Shih Tzu.
  • Malnutrition may be a factor in why very thin people are more impacted by heavy drinking.

In this list, we take a look at 20 of the best movies featuring addiction and recovery. These films cover various subjects, including alcoholism, substance abuse, the journey of people battling addiction, and paths to addiction recovery. How she’s broken relationships with her son, other family members and friends. We watch as she starts on a path towards becoming, if not the person she wants to be, at least a better version of herself. A 2013 feature documentary film, ‘The Anonymous People’ throws light onto the lives of the around 20 million Americans going through long-term recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. Lack of information due to the largely anonymous nature of such rehab programs contribute to the vacuum that has emerged around information related to stories of successful recovery.

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The protagonist battles with his problems with substance use throughout, and at the end of the film is shown narrating the difficulties with SUDs. If you or someone you love are suffering from an AUD or SUD, it’s essential to seek help. Contact the Master Center for Addiction Medicine for further information. Nevertheless, Henry and Wanda continue to live and drink together as he submits his manuscripts to publishers. Eventually, a wealthy publisher tracks down Henry to see about publishing his work and ends up giving him a $500 advance, and they sleep together. “You become very sneaky when you have something like that in your life,” he told Lauren Laverne, host of the radio program.

First, they provide potential consumers with information about their products and promotions. Second, they prey on social media user’s innate desire to be like those that they follow. FOMO, fear of missing out, has become a common phrase that expresses the anxiety of not being fun, interesting, or attractive enough.

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“The older I’ve gotten, the more I recognize that my dad did the best he could,” Affleck said. The legacy of that is quite powerful and sometimes hard to shake.” Affleck’s younger brother, Casey, 44, has spoken about his own alcoholism and sobriety. Their paternal grandmother took her own life in a motel when she was 46. Suffice it to say, no star wants to appear on a poster next to the words “The Has-Been,” especially not after two box office disappointments.

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Paul Newman received a nomination for Best Actor for his role as Boston lawyer Frank Galvin, in the 1982 film, The Verdict. Newman’s character is a down-on-his-luck alcoholic and ambulance chaser involved in a mutually destructive relationship with Laura Fraser, played by Charlotte Rampling. After accepting a medical malpractice case that touches a nerve, he finally finds a sense of purpose in doing what’s right.


Learn more about our rehab center in Los Angeles or our addiction recovery therapeutic activities. This is typically as a result of going on social media and seeing friends and celebrities posting about vacations and parties. This occurs when someone is looking at posts made by friends or the manufactured and photoshopped posts influencers and models with thousands of followers.

  • Told in a series of flashbacks, the movie begins with Elton in a support group, being asked about his childhood.
  • Gia does recover from her drug addiction, but to her consternation, she finds herself afflicted with AIDS – the fallout of intravenous drug use.

We begin in the 1940s, when Pollock is not yet an established artist, but already an established alcoholic, and a chance meeting with Peggy Guggenheim changes his artistic future for the better. Notorious alcoholic John Huston directed this 1984 drama about an alcoholic ex-British consul in Mexico, in an adaptation of the novel by Malcolm Lowry, also an alcoholic. Mickey Rourke takes on Bukowski’s alter-ego Henry Chinaski, who, like Bukowski, drinks sober house to deal with the drudgery of under-employment, now and then cutting the tedium by having some of his writing published. His days consist of hanging out at his local bar, although he hates the bartender, until he stumbles into another bar where he meets fellow alcoholic Wande (Faye Dunaway). Henry’s prospects rise and fall, but not much changes, and Rourke received good reviews as a man who just can’t get out of the rut he’s put himself in.

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